Sherry Kocher - Pastel, Oil painting and Beading 


Phone: 519-364-0707

My Name is Sherry Kocher.  I have been Painting in oils and pastel for many years, attending every painting course I could find.  Donna Dewbury TV course came to Toronto so I studied to become a teacher of her type of painting by using the two colours on a brush with very simple paintings.  Since I found it so consoling and interesting I began to feather out experimenting on different creative paintings like animals, landscapes, portraits,  and most of all just enjoying myself.  The Saugeen Art Guild has many of the most interesting painters I have ever met.  They are amazingly helpful, guiding me along, helping me improve my work.  I find I am improving every painting as I learn how to do what is in my heart and soul.

I am also an avid beader for well over 50 years.  Beading has become my TV partner as it is difficult to watch a movie with my hands laying still.  The many designs and patterns I have recreated over time are tedious as I prefer the tiny beads for tapestries and fine beading.  In an old second hand store in Florida I found a very different Russian beading book that blew me away and brought me back to my favourite hobby again.  

Painting and Beading keep me out of trouble and busy.  I am spoiled My studio room is my comfort station and I love it.  You do not need a special room to paint, a very dear friend used her little kitchen in her condo for 20 years and created the most beautiful paintings ever seen.    Thank You     Sherry Kocher.